The Norwegian contribution to the global Biogeochemical-Argo is coordinated within the Argo-Norway program where the national priorities are defined.

  • The overall priorities of Norway Biogeochemical-Argo are totally in phase with those defined at an international level with respect to scientific and societal questions, variables to be acquired, and float mission configuration.

  • Areas of preferential deployments are essentially the Nordic Seas, but of interest are also the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean.

  • A strong focus on data management is a high priority for the Biogeochemical-Argo program in Norway, with a strong commitment to deliver high-quality data to the users.

The Norwegian contribution to the global Biogeochemical-Argo is supported through various sources of funding.

  • Recurrent funding: Argo-Norway has no recurrent funding.

  • Project-based funding: Argo Norway received significant funding for five years from the Research Council of Norway in 2018, significantly increasing the contribution to BGC-Argo time series in the Nordic Seas.
    (RCN NorArgo web link:

  • Long-term commitments: In Norway, infrastructures like NorArgo are organized through a "very large research infrastructure program," which represents a 5-year commitment of funding from the Research Council. A priority for Argo Norway will be to apply for another 5-year funding to secure and sustain the long-term operation of the network.

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