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Biogeochemical Argo data management follows Argo data management rules

  • Basically data are made publically available in two modes, the so-called real-time and delayed mode. Real-time data (distributed in less than 24 hours) are quality-controlled and flagged using an automated procedure. Delayed-mode data are produced later (over 1 year) and require the control and validation by a scientific expert.
  • With and within the Argo Data Management Team (ADMT), the biogeochemical-Argo data management group is presently developing and implementing the procedures for quality control of the core biogeochemical variables (see table below for accessing to this documentation).
  • Note that, at this stage and especially for data delivered in real-time, users are warned that the biogeochemical data should be treated with care, and that often, adjustments are needed before these data can be used for meaningful scientific applications. Any user of these biogeochemical data that would develop a specific and dedicated adjustment improving their accuracy is welcome to exchange with ADMT on the developed and applied method.

Table 1 : Access to the various documentation developed for each biogeochemical-Argo core variables with respect to their data management and quality control.
Parameters Processing Quality Control